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LG wants to make people’s lives richer, easier and better.

Our goal is to put a smile on all our consumers’ faces. “Smart technology” enables consumers to do things more easily and experience things more pleasurably. Consumers expect LG’s products to contain the world’s most advanced technology, and that our hardware and software have been perfected. In addition, they expect LG products to work in ways that are simple yet smart

January 5, 1947
Headquarter Address
LG Tiwn Towers, 20 Yoido-dong, 07336, Republic of Korea
Bon Moo Koo
Total Sales
142 Trillion Won (As of 2011)
19.4 Trillion Won (As of 2011)
Overseas Subsidiaries
Number of Employees
210,000 employees

Our business

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By launching a holding company in 2003, LG streamlined its business fields into electronics, chemicals, and Telecommunications & Services. In each domain, we continue to bolster our professionalism and create value for our customers



  • Since establishing Goldstar Co. in 1958‚ we have developed world-class pro-ducts through innovative technologies‚ leading the advancement of Korea⁄s electronics industry. Through steady R&D investment and global marketing campaigns‚ we are committed to creating a new future for the global electronics industry.
    • - LG Electronics
    • - LG Innotek
    • - Lusem
    • - LG Display
    • - Hiplaza
    • - System Air-Con Engineering
    • - Siltron


  • Since launching Lak Hui Chemical Industrial Corp. in 1947‚ we have wholeheartedly practiced the management philosophy of ‘making products essential for customers.’ We are committed to making products that offer differentiated value in everyday life‚ thereby showing affection towards our customers.
    • - LG Chem
    • - SEETEC
    • - Coca · Cola Beverage Company
    • - LG Hausys
    • - LG MMA
    • - LG Polycarbonate
    • - LG Household & Health Care
    • HANKOOK Beverage
    • - LG Life Sciences
Telecommunications & Services

LG phone

  • We are able to provide necessary information quickly to customers at any time, anywhere. We are committed to opening a world of communication that touches the hearts of our customers.
    • - LG U+
    • - CS Leader
    • - A · IN
    • - DACOM Crossing
    • - DACOM Multimedia Internet
    • - CS ONE Partner
    • - LG CNS
    • - LG N-Sys
    • - V-ENS
    • - BNE PARTNERS, Inc.
    • - Ucess Partners
    • - SERVEONE
    • - KONJIAM YEWON Co.,Ltd.
    • - LG Toyo Engineering Co, Ltd
    • - LG International
    • - Pixdix
    • - TWIN WINE
    • - LG Solar Energy
    • - G2R
    • - HS Ad
    • - L. Best
    • - LG Management Development
    • - Institute: Economic Research
    • - Institute: Academy
    • - Institute
    • - LG Sports


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LG leaps forward to look beyond 100 years.

115trillion won
125trillion won
140trillion won
142trillion won


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In 2005, LG proclaimed the ‘LG Way’ the foundation for our employees’ way of thinking and code of conduct, and we are developing the LG Way into our unique culture. On the basis of our management philosophy of “creating value for customers” and “respecting human dignity”, LG Way aims to achieve the goal of being “No. 1 LG” through “Jeong-Do Management” that embraces LG’s code of conduct of competing fairly.

LG Way
LG way
vision NO.1 LG :LG’s vision is to become the market leading company with broad market recognition
Code of conduct
Jeong-Do Management LG will succeed through the constant development of capability based in ethical management
Management philosophy
Creating value for customers Respecting human dignityLG’s management principles state the purpose of LG’s business activities, and also provide a basis for its operations