SBP Appliance

SBP Appliance
LG CNS SBP Appliance combines SBP and optimized software and hardware. It is the best solution for the enterprises that consider adopting Hadoop and big data analysis.
SBP appliance guarantees maximized performance and stability, short installation time, cost reduction , and convenience of maintenance by providing pre-optimized software and hardware.

Why SBP Appliance?

SBP consists of three components : Big pack, SCM, and MR Designer. These components assure security, reliability, scalability, productivity, cost efficiency and ease of use for Big data infrastructure. Let’s learn why theses three components make SBP the right big data platform for enterprise.

why sbpp appliance
  • 01. Up to 10 times faster performance than legacy RDBMS queries
  • 02. Up to 70% data compression
  • 03. Easy installation and configuration withPre-Setup
  • 04. Standardized and optimized settings provided
  • 05. HA (redundancy) configuration (server, N/W, power)
  • 06. Separate configuration of management node/N/W
  • 07. Advanced technology verification test of IT components
  • 08. Easy backup and recovery of final OS image


H/W (per Node)

  • 2 x Eight-Core (2.6 GHz)
  • 64 GB Memory
  • 2 x 450GB SAS Disks : OS, 10 x [2TB, 3TB, 4TB] SATA Disks : Data Per Rack
  • 2 x [4G, 10G] Switch
  • Ethernet Administration Switch


  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.3
  • Smart Big data Platform(SBP) v1.5
    • BigPack (LGCNS Hadoop Standard Distribution)
    • SCM (Service Cluster Manager)
    • MR Designer
    • User Portal
    • Data Collector

Offering Options

  • Full Rack (14 nodes)
  • Starter Rack (7 nodes)
  • In-Rack (3 nodes) / Full Rack (18 nodes) /
    Half Rack Expansions (9 nodes)

Use Case

  • Global leading chemical company
    • Product data analytic based reference implementation

“SBP Appliance can benefit any customers who struggles from handling big data. Since the performance and stability are guaranteed, this will be of great worth to enterprises grade customers. LG CNS ensures a successful deployment with key consulting assistant and technical support.“


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