Our Approach

We address big data problems that an enterprise is facing with our optimized and complementary solutions.
our approach

Many businesses around the world are increasing their competitiveness through the use of big data technology. Each business has different corporate cultures and data environments, so simply introducing big data technology does not itself guarantee success. Effective use of big data is only possible when a clear understanding of industry and business is combined with expertise in big data technology.

LG CNS is acknowledged by many enterprises as a provider of outstanding IT services in a variety of industrial and technological environments. By examining the necessary data attributes from the customer's perspective, LG CNS's IT specialists can quickly and accurately implement their big data technology. LG CNS Advanced Analytics solutions will help customers to solve all their big data problems through consultation, diagnostics and analysis.

LG CNS Advanced Analytics Solution Suite

LG CNS Advanced Analytics Solution Suite summary
  • Biz Layer
    • Smart SMA(Social Media)
    • Smart Recommendation
    • Smart ENA(Fraud)
    • Smart Quality Analytics
  • Analytics Layer
    • 3rd Party Solution
    • Smart R Analytics
      • SRA Designrer
      • SRA Core
      • Real time Analytics
      • Text Analytics
      • Analytic Model Mgmt.
    • Conference Pro
      • Complex Conference Processing
      • Real-time Data Processing
    • Smart LAP
  • Data Platform Layer
    • Data Collector
    • MR Designer
    • Machine Learning Manager
    • SCM(Service/Comfiguration Mgmt.)
    • Cluster/Job Monitoring
    • Authentication/Authorization
    • Multi-Cluster Management
    • BigPack(LG CNS Hadoop Standeard Distribution)
  • SBP Appliance

LG CNS Advanced Analytics Suite includes

SBP(Big Data Platform)more
SBP, optimized and integrated based on Hadoop technologies, can be big data storing, processing, and analyzing with security, reliability, scalability and ease of use
SBP Appliancemore
SBP appliance guarantees maximized performance and stability, short installation time, cost reduction , and convenience of maintenance by providing pre-optimized software and hardware.
Smart SMA(Social Media)more
Smart SMA provides enterprises with business-focused insight by analyzing unstructured data from social media in real-time.
Smart LAP(Log Analytics)more
Smart LAP securely collects, saves and analyzes massive amounts of log data, and provides an analysis platform for continuous advanced analysis of process ETL.
SRA(R Analytics)more
Smart R Analytics (SRA) is the low-cost solution based on open source R. SRA can provide advanced analytics with high performance through the distributed parallel processing of big data in connection with SBP
SENA-FDS(Fraud Detection)more
SENA-FDS is an analysis solution that detects abnormality by analyzing patterns of data. SENA framework is pattern analysis methodology that definite abnormality, analyzed results by a variety of analytical methods are provided by optimized easy-to-understand visualization
SENA-Recommendation is a professional solution that provides  personalized recommended lists using advanced analytics on hadoop platform , in addition,  visualization analysis reports.
SENA-QMAS(Quality Management)more
SENA-QMAS is equipped with specific action plans for process quality analysis, providing a quality optimization method and analysis environment for unstructured bad data.
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