SBP(Big Data Platform)

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SBP is an optimized and integrated big data platform for enterprise based on Hadoop technologies.
LG CNS Smart Big Data Platform meets complex business requirements of enterprises ; big data storing, processing, and analyzing with security, reliability, scalability and ease of use. LG CNS enables our customer to adopt Hadoop easily and leverage the power of Hadoop.

SBP not only offers data collection, parallel processing and distributed storage, but also provides total management of whole clusters. SBP consists of three components; Big pack, SCM, and MR Designer.
SBP list
  1. 01. Big pack
    • Big pack is a standard distribution of Hadoop and Hadoop eco systems which is proven by LG CNS.
  2. 02. SCM(Service & Configuration Management)
    • SCM is a management application for Hadoop. It runs on web browser, enabling easy installation and configuration. If also offers automated management of systems and status monitoring.
  3. 03. MR Designer
    • MR Designer is a graphical tool for data integration and Hadoop job design. MR Designer lessens risk of Hadoop-based development and improves productivity of development and maintenance.

Why SBP?

SBP list

Easy Development for Hadoop

  • Easy to Use
    • Creates a reusable common core module library featuring Drag & Drop
  • Productivity Improvement
    • Develop based on Hadoop, and improve management and productivity through the intuitive extract, conversion, and stacking design
  • Easy Management
    • Self-scheduling function
    • Provides a real-time monitoring environment
    • Includes a metadata re-use function
  • Standardization
    • Integrated development environments make it easy to apply and control development standards
  • Performance
    • Hadoop architecture-based performance

Easy Management for Hadoop Cluster

  • Easy to Install and Set Up
    • One-click installation from any web browser
    • Automated installation and setting management
  • Response to Operational Problems
    • Adds or deletes servers and control service
    • Hadoop service history and status monitoring

User Portal for Enterprise Level Security, Management

  • Hadoop-native Security Base
  • Integrated User Security

Use Case

  • Global leading telecommunication Company
    • User activity Analytics for contents recommendation and private assistant
    • Fraud detection for agency abuse
  • Global leading electronics company
    • Factory/Equipment Log Analysis
  • Global leading chemical company
    • Financial analytics for management
    • Security log analytics


SBP Studio v2.X, Smart Log Analysis Platform v3.X are supported with Oracle Database 11g R2, Oracle Linux 6, Oracle Big Data Appliance.

“Big data explosion is changing the world. Business needs to handle big data in various types to gain better insight and make smarter decision. Meet LG CNS SBP! Leverage the power of your Big data! SBP is the ultimate big data platform for enterprise”


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