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Smart SMA provides enterprises with business-focused insight by collecting and analyzing unstructured text data from online media in real time.
Corporations’ communication activities are spread out mainly with on-line messages. The messages are getting even stronger than in traditional media, and higher correlation with business performance. Since the online buzz are reflecting user’s opinion very quickly, companies using the data are increasing.

Smart SMA is an integrated solution all encompassing from collecting to analyzing and utilizing the data so that we detect and analyze consumers’ reaction for brand or product. Smart SMA supports clients to make a better communication, more accurate market forecasting and decision.
LG CNS supports to differentiate corporations’ communication activities from competitors by Smart SMA service. This is the smart business partner recommending best solution, not only for online communication, also practical business area such as Marketing, PR, Planning and C/S
  • socaial media Data
    • analysis

      contents categorizer - buss volume / sentiment
      text miner - finding related keyword
      duplication check - buss diffusion
      network analysis - finding influencer / cluster

      • visualization
        • dashboard
        • insight report
        • utilization consulting

Why Smart SMA?

Smart SMA is business focused service. We can solve business questions from each business area with specialized service and analyzing skills. We support our clients to be more competitive by considering their business environment and uniqueness.

For the best results, it needs to get the optimum output from each process of Social media Analytics. Convergence of technologies and manpower would make better service on each step.

Smart SMA is optimized social media analysis solution for various business applications through out such as marketing, PR, SNS, VOC, and so on.
  • Securing Sufficiency, Timeliness, and Accuracy with outstanding crawling performance
  • High accuracy of Text Analytics by Global No.1 Solution
  • Various dashboard based on business story by each biz. area
  • Insight Report founded on consultancy applying analysis result to the practical business
  • More than 80% analytics accuracy based on ontology know-how
  • Data sufficiency for analysis (+800K/day)
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LG CNS Smart SMA Framework

  • marketing
    • Brand Positioning
    • New Product/AD/Campaign Performance
    • Check Product USP message delivery Efficiency
  • social Network
    • SNS operation as-of
    • Promotion effect check(exposure and spread)
    • CPM Analysis
  • Public Relations
    • Negative Buzz Monitoring
    • Risk mgmt. (alert)
    • Interested Keyword Management
  • Quality/Service
    • Online VOC Managing
    • Integrated AnalysisOf VOC Data of Call Center
    • Negative Care Process
  • alpha
    • Negative Buzz Monitoring
    • New Product/AD/Campaign Performance
    • Check Product USP message delivery Efficiency

Use Case

  • Global electronics company
  • Korean leading banks & securities
  • Korean public institute
  • Research institute (Consumer, Economy, etc.)

Smart SMA is Business / Insight / Managing focused service. We use our abundant experience and expertise to support our clients, find solution with in-depth insight, not just monitoring, and make clients get the best result through accurate and swift tracking management.


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