Big Data Analytics

LG CNS has the technology to design and implement the best architecture to process big data at the enterprise level more economically and with greater stability. For success in the big data business, you need an experienced company that can provide stable technical service based on a 3V understanding of big data (Volume, Variety, Velocity). LG CNS provides the best establishment service for customers based on its experiences in the performance of various big data projects and ASP service.

Establishment of big data platform,Establishment of big data analysis system,Social media analysis service
  • Establishment of big data platform
    • LG CNS establishes the platform which performs the collection, processes and analyzes TB and PB level big data.
  • Establishment of big data analysis system
    • LG CNS provides a variety of applications including business analysis systems and real-time analysis service.
  • Social media analysis service
    • LG CNS provides crawling and analysis systems for social media data in ASP form.


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The future of BigData