LG CNS assists customers in creating new added value with big data technology by providing total service from big data consulting to establishment.
Service Overview

Big data is an important resource which allows us to predict the future of an enterprise.

In response to changes in society such as smart devices, M2M expansion and the daily use of social commerce, big data has become the core tool for increasing corporate competitiveness.However, many corporations still experience difficulties in the application plans or data analysis due to lack of experience and know-how.

To help the customers solve these problems, big data consultants and engineers with world-class technology in LG CNS provide professional big data service.

LG CNS is the reliable partner for its customers from their first introduction to the implementation of their big data system, providing the complete service that recognizes and resolves their problems.



  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Implementation
  • Big Data Analytics


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The future of BigData